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Put your heart into your part

12 March 2024 ‘Christ…makes all of its parts work perfectly.’ Ephesians 4:16 CEV

Imaging being part of an arctic sled team of dogs. Unless you’re the lead dog in the sled, the view rarely changes. The problem is, not everybody can be the leading man or woman. And it’s better to be a working actor than an out-of-work star; at least you get to be in the play! Most great achievers, if they’re honest, will tell you they couldn’t have done it alone; they needed the contributions of each member of the team. So if God has placed you in a supporting role today, accept it without complaining. Do your part to make the entire production stronger. Not only will you learn all about team spirit, and that’s important for when you do get the chance to lead, you’ll also learn the Christlike virtue of humility. The Bible says you will ‘grow in every way and be more like Christ, the head of the body…[who] holds it together and makes all of its parts work perfectly’ (vv. 15-16 CEV). So, put your heart into your part. Stop and think about how you’re living your life. Are you giving it everything you’ve got, or are you holding out, hoping somebody else will recognise your talent? It’s not about the greatness of the part you have been given, it’s about how much effort you put into doing it. If God has placed you in a supporting role rather than a starring one, it’s because He recognises that the team needs your particular strengths and talents. Ask Him to help you accept the role He has given you – whatever it is – and learn to fulfil it with gratitude and dignity. Contribute from wherever you are today.


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