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29 August 2023 ‘[Jesus] has been tempted in all things as we are.’ Hebrews 4:15 NASB

When we’re struggling with temptation or disappointed in ourselves because we’ve started to give in to sin, well-intentioned friends sometimes try to comfort us by saying, ‘I know how you feel.’ But deep down we think, ‘No, you really don’t.’ But Jesus knows! He was ‘tempted in all things as we are,’ so He can interpret and present our feelings to God. And He really does! When you pray in Jesus’ name, pouring out your heart to God, Jesus acts as your lawyer and says, ‘Father, I know what this person is feeling. I know what it’s like to be under pressure to sin. I stand with this child of Yours who needs Your help.’ You might ask the question, ‘But Jesus was without sin, so can He really feel my sin the way I feel it?’ Yes, He can. In fact, because of His purity, He actually feels the pain of sin even more. If that sounds confusing, try thinking of it this way: In our everyday world, we live with germs all around us, and even on us. Because we aren’t in a sterile environment we don’t notice these germs and we learn to live with them. But it’s an entirely different story in a hospital’s operating theatre. There, any contamination from germs is a real threat that needs the attention of the entire staff. So they sterilise everything, because even a small amount of bacteria could lead to an infection that harms the patient. Because the room is kept so pure, the slightest impurity is even more noticeable and needs to be dealt with. So Jesus’ separateness from sin, and sensitivity to it, actually increases His ability to sympathise with us. Jesus understands what you’re struggling with, so don’t be afraid to ask Him for help.


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