For those listening on the Sky platform on channel 0214

I want to start by saying thank you for supporting UCB Ireland, and choosing to listen to us on SKY channel 0214.

Over the last 12 months I have been in regular communication with SKY about what changes due to Brexit may mean for us as a ministry broadcasting from Ireland onto a UK Media platform. I have now received some clarification in the last few weeks and I wanted to share this with you as soon as was possible.

Unfortunately, under the new working relationship between UK and Ireland, we will not be permitted to broadcast through Sky into the UK without a licence from the UK broadcasting authority, Ofcom. As there are already two UCB UK national stations I cannot, with all integrity, apply for such a license and we would probably not be granted one anyway.

We have also been informed that in order to continue broadcasting through Sky in Ireland we would need to significantly increase our annual costs for regionalisation, in effect paying for the service to be limited to just Ireland.

I always want us to be good stewards of the money that is generously donated to UCB Ireland and so I cannot agree to the increased costs that Sky are demanding.

Therefore it is with sadness that I have to announce that we will no longer be broadcasting on the Sky platform from 5th January 2021. This has not been an easy decision.

For all those that have listened through Sky in Ireland, we are currently in discussions about new platforms that we can broadcast on and we will keep you informed. Those who listen in the UK can still listen to us via our Website, Smartphone app or on a smart speaker, there is a choice of our two stations on these platforms, UCB Ireland or UCB I Worship. For more details go to our website

Once again I am sorry to have to bring you this news, but want to thank you for your prayers and support over the years and I hope that you will find an alternative method of listening to us.

God Bless

Robbie Frawley

CEO UCB Ireland