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This year think ‘possible’ (1)

4 January 2023 ‘With God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26 KJV

Read these two Scriptures: ‘With God all things are possible’ (v.26). ‘He did not do many miracles there because they had no faith’ (Matthew 13:58 NCV). Those two verses mean this: many things that are possible remain undone because of doubt and unbelief. So, this year, think ‘possible’. If God’s Word says we can do it, but we’re not doing very well, it might mean that we don’t really believe what He says, or we’re not willing to do our part. When we think ‘possible’, it increases our enthusiasm and energy level. Who gets energised at the prospect of losing? If you’re sure something can’t succeed, you’re not going to be willing to put much time and effort into it. Nobody goes looking for a lost cause. We only invest ourselves in what we believe can succeed. So when we think ‘possible’ and trust God for it to happen, our faith becomes the energising force. Some people believe that people who think ‘possible’ are naive or foolish. If you’re one of them, answer this question: how many highly successful people do you know who are continually negative? How many ‘impossible’ thinkers achieve big things? Not many! The first step to thinking ‘possible’ is to stop ourselves from searching for and dwelling on what’s wrong with each situation. People with an it-can’t-be-done mindset have two choices: they can expect the worst and continually experience it, or they can change their thinking to ‘but what if it could…?’ And that begins with eliminating the ‘impossible’ thoughts about an idea and changing them to ‘maybe’ thoughts and ‘let’s give it a try’ thoughts instead. 


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