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11 October 2022 ‘If a bugle call isn’t clear, how would you know to get ready for battle?’ 1 Corinthians 14:8 CEV

Whatever our situation in life, we have an influence on the people around us, even if we don’t realise it. That means we’re all leaders. We may never be heads of companies, managers of teams, or any other obvious type of leader, but we are all called to set good examples for others to follow. And that’s a form of leadership! Here are six thoughts on good leadership which can also help us use our influence well: 1) Trust connects people to our vision; without trust, they’ll be disconnected. With it, they’ll get on board. 2) Leadership isn’t just about what we do; it’s about inspiring and encouraging others. Good leaders bring out the best in people by sharing the best in themselves. 3) Influence comes with the responsibility to serve, develop, and empower others. By helping them grow, we also grow. 4) Rules without relationship leads to resistance. If we’re in a position to set rules, but we don’t invest in building relationships with the people who need to follow them, they’ll rebel against our rules. 5) Paul said, ‘If a bugle call isn’t clear, how would you know to get ready for battle?’ So try to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive. Focus on solutions, not complaints. Philosopher Nicholas Murray Butler said, ‘Optimism is essential to achievement, and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.’ ’6) Good leaders don’t have all the answers, but they build a network that has them, or knows how to get them. Having a good influence and leading by example is a process, not the end result. To succeed, we need to put our focus on the people and the process, not the outcome.


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