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How God sees you

2 April 2023 ‘You are precious…in my sight.’ Isaiah 43:4 NIV

Have you ever gone to a car boot sale hoping to find a bargain? To the untrained eye, much of the stuff looks like rubbish. It may even have been gathering dust and mildew in somebody’s loft. But the trained eye sees treasure in disguise; items that just need to be cleaned, polished, and restored in order to become valuable again. That’s what God does with us. When Satan tells you you’re worthless, God looks inside you and sees hidden treasure. When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, He enables you to overcome your past, resist temptation, conquer bad habits, rise above your self-imposed limitations, and realise that in God’s eyes, you have great worth. You actually start believing what He said: ‘You are precious…in my sight.’ The truth is when you keep putting yourself down, you can tend to gravitate towards people who do the same. But once you begin to realise the value God places on you, your entire outlook changes. With God, you can’t lose. Even when you stumble, He will help you to get back up, become stronger and wiser, and move on to victory. When you see yourself only as somebody who makes mistakes and falls short, you’re looking in the wrong mirror. Once you start to see yourself in the mirror of God’s Word, you see someone who is being transformed day by day into the likeness of Jesus (see 2 Corinthians 3:18). And that’s how God sees you today.


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