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He will do it again!

23 April 2023 ‘Jacob set up a memorial…to mark the place where God had spoken with him.’ Genesis 35:14 GWT

There are events in all our lives that, looking back, had to be the hand of God at work. One author puts it like this: ‘Maybe you bumped into somebody who introduced you to your spouse…or a co-worker resigned and suddenly you were promoted…or a stranger said something that spoke to your heart. These are all signs of God’s favour, and when you’re tempted to get down, you need to remember how God opened the door for you…how he made a way…how he spared your life…how he healed your child. There is no such thing as coincidence…when something good happens, recognise that it’s God, and recall it often.’ In the Old Testament, ‘Jacob set up a memorial…to mark the place where God had spoken with him.’ Have you established any memorial stones lately? A sure way to build your faith is to remember all the times God made a way when every door was locked and barred against you…days when you were lonely and God brought the right person into your life…nights when you felt so bad you didn’t think you would make it until the next morning. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, God turned things around…gave you the oil of joy for mourning…lifted you out of the pit…gave you a new beginning…and today you’re happy, healthy, and whole. And best of all: if He did it before, He will do it again! He is the same today as He was yesterday, and when you take time to remember His goodness and faithfulness, it strengthens you to keep fighting the good fight of faith.


Try to be more flexible Monday 26 February
Armed for spiritual warfare (3) Sunday 25 February
Armed for spiritual warfare (2) Saturday 24 February
Armed for spiritual warfare (1) Friday 23 February
Don’t doubt God Thursday 22 February
Live with integrity at home Wednesday 21 February
What’s the ‘most important’ thing to you? Tuesday 20 February

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