Weekday Schedule

Text the Studio on: 085 825 3680

Through the Night

0.00 - 7.00am


Music to keep you company

Teaching from: Derek Prince (00.20), Jean Watson (01.35) & Rick Warren (05.00)

Breakfast with Robbie

7.00 - 10.00

Wake up to great music and laughter each morning

Features include: Word for Today at 07.20am and Story behind the Song at 08.30am

Praise & Worship Hour with Ger

10.00 - 11.00am


Spend an hour with great Praise & Worship each morning.

Mid Morning with Vincent

11.00  - 15.00

News, reviews and interviews.

Features include: Pastor Pat Fitzgerald at 11.00am, Re:Discover Life with Pastor John Ahern at 13.35pm and our regular featured Album of the Week

Afternoons with Jackie

15.00 - 18.00

Chat, fun and quizzes

Regular features: Interview of the Day at 16.30, and regular contributions with Joe Kerrigan and Sian Fitzgerald

Praise & Worship Hour

19.00 - 20.00

  Great praise & worship (repeat from earlier in the day)

Specialist Hour

 20.00 - 21.00


Monday & Friday: Music Hour

Tuesday: In Concert

Wednesday: Today's Cross Country with Marty Smith

Thursday: Music Academy with Mike Rimmer

Evenings with John Broderick

21.00 - 0.00

Evenings of teaching and music

Regular features: Rick Warren at 21.30 and Jean Watson at 22.40

Features: John Ahern


Weekend Schedule
Weekend Schedule as at June 2017