Exciting News!

The Resurrection Story – Luke 24 verses 1 – 12

Just 12 verses changed the world forever. I wonder how often we read through this section of the Bible and almost miss its impact. These verses started with a time of urgency. In the Message version, verse 1 says “at the crack of dawn” the women went to the tomb.

We then read about how Jesus was raised from the dead, God’s wonderful gift of eternal life to us. The women went early to the tomb to carry out a task, but God’s miracle had already taken place

We get excited to receive gifts; children get up before it is even light to see what gifts they will receive on Christmas morning. Where is our urgency? Do we need a “crack of dawn” moment to remind ourselves about the greatest gift we have ever received?  In the busyness of life, let’s not miss God’s miracle for us.

We, here at UCB Ireland believe that one such miracle has been presented to us. As part of our ”Serving the Church and reaching the Nation” we are so excited to tell you that from the next edition of The Word for Today, we will be producing our very own full version of the daily devotional. It will still be written by Bob & Debby Gass but will be focussing on Ireland and what is happening around the country. We will have testimonies and news of events from people all across the island of Ireland.

For UCB Ireland this is a big step of faith. We thank you for your prayers, support and your financial giving. We hope you enjoy this new exciting development for UCB Ireland. 

If you do not receive The Word for Today and you would like to receive your own copy then you can sign up via the drop down menu under Word for Today on this website.

God Bless